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The Lanterns

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Discover Devon’s best kept secret

Hidden in a shielded cove under the watchful eye of the breath-taking Bolt Tail, Hope Cove is a traditional fishing village, which has managed to keep its charm, and remain relatively undiscovered in comparison to other areas along the coastline. Two beautiful sandy beaches, along with rock pools and crystal clear sea, make a charming destination for couples and families alike.

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Best walks and hikes in Devon

There are plenty of fantastic walks here for every type of hike. Children will love exploring the county’s stunning river valleys where the water rushes around moss-covered boulders, as well as the tremendous choice of beaches. From short strolls and half-day hikes to full days on the moors or multi-day adventures, Devon’s got it all.


Bike escapades

Cycling around this coastline is a delightful experience. With its winding roads, stunning coastal views, and charming countryside, it is a haven for cyclists. The town is surrounded by hills and valleys, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced riders. Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or a serious rider, Hope Cove offers a range of cycling experiences to suit all levels and abilities.

Sea and sand

Beaches Nearby

Hope Cove has two beaches just a few minutes’ walk from The Lanterns. They are both very different in size and orientation but equally beautiful! Mouthwell Sands is more suited for smaller children with views westward towards Burgh Island. Harbour Beach is better for water sports, swimming, ball games and dogs and is enclosed by Bolt Tail Cliffs and the Famous Cottage Hotel.

Thurlestone A 20-minute walk west from The Lanterns along the costal path or a five-minute drive brings you to Thurlestone. There are three wonderful beaches; South Milton Sands, Leasfoot Sands and Thurlestone Beach are all spectacular places to see and enjoy at any time of year. The Beach House Café is famous for its unique and relaxed setting and is a great spot to stop for a coffee or to sample some of the outstanding seafood! If you fancy something a bit different, Rockbox in the summer months offers a unique alfresco experience.

Bantham-Further along the coast is Bantham Beach, a spectacular panoramic spot to end after a long walk! It is renowned for its water sports with kayaking highly recommended.

Bigbury on Sea/Burgh Island
On the ‘Bucket List’ for all visits to South Devon is a trip to Burgh Island and to one of the UK’s oldest pubs, The Pilchard Inn via the Sea Tractor. The pub, which is part of the Burgh Island Hotel, dates back to 1336. The smugglers hideout is so infamous, it can be found at Legoland’s Miniland! The twin tides that formulate the beach often catch people out so don’t spend too much time in the pub!

Walks and strolls

Local walks

Whether you like to take a casual stroll or prefer more of a hike one of the biggest benefits is it location. Sat on the South West Coastal Path provides you with plenty of options.

Westerly you can follow the path along to all the famous beaches of Thurlestone, Bantham and Bigbury which is a spectacular experience along the coast, taking in the nature reserve of South Milton Ley along the way.

The walk over Bolt Tail and towards Salcombe is perhaps even more stunning. Salcombe is seven miles away, but you can take in Bolberry Down enroute from where you can see Cornwall on a clear day. Just remember you can always turnaround and head home for a coffee or a glass of wine anytime you want! When returning to Hope Cove try and return via the Methodist Church route in Inner Hope which allows you to return via “The Square” and enjoy the beautiful thatched Cottages in the village.

If you would like a shorter walk, try “The Stream Walk” inland from Inner Hope, which takes you through National Trust land. Simply take the path behind Spray Cottage, close to the Lifeboat Station. Likewise, the path towards Galmpton which is just a few steps or so West of The Lanterns provides another wonderful route.

Hope Cove sits centrally in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB). Over 60 years ago, this area of South Devon was designated an ANOB in recognition of its special qualities, which include its rugged coastline, sandy beaches, secretive estuaries, patchwork countryside and historic villages. It is one of only 46 areas in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.